How to Write an Engaging and Professional Bio that Prospects will Read (and Remember)

By Laima Rastikis
February 09, 2017 Category: Entrepreneurs

When people adopt a rescue dog, theres always a lot of uncertainty about how the relationship will progress. Without the benefit of knowing what the dog has experienced in his lifetime, adopters are left to guess and fill in the blanks around what they do know. When my daughter, Stephanie, adopted six-month-old Harry, an adorable Poodle-Bichon-Frise mix, she knew that he had lived with his dominant brother. He was surrendered by a couple who were going through a divorce. They had three small children, and the mom was also going through nursing training full time. And that was it. We could only imagine what Harrys first six months of life had been like. So, together with Stephanie, we spent the first several months getting to know about him, his habits, his likes and dislikes, and his idiosyncrasies. He shied away from larger people. He became sad when he had to go in his crate. He would toss his toys and then run to get them. He dumped the food out of his bowl and only then would eat

7 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

By Raquel Eatmon
September 26, 2016 Category: Spotlight

Raquel Eatmon Its strange, really: You know youre not the same, nor are the circumstances, but you resist it anyway because its out of the norm, a bit uncomfortable but mostly tough. Starting anew, starting again or starting over -- however you choose to spew it -- can be daunting and definitely overwhelming. But it is a necessity if we want to contribute our talents and abilities to the world. Its necessary if we want to play on a higher level. When I walked away from a television news broadcasting career and started my company, I entered a very different world and things couldnt have been more different. For years, reporting the news of the day was routine and had become normal for me. I was receiving a steady paycheck and benefits, and I built a decent nest egg. Things were like my favorite Holly Hobbie blanket -- good and comfortable (and if you remember Holly Hobbie, congrats, you came from a generation of big hair and cut-out dolls). I didnt fret branding issues because I was

Meeting the Needs of Others in Entrepreneurship

By Jeanne Porter
September 23, 2016 Category: General

Jeanne Porter, Founder, Women in Business Networking As an entrepreneur there are many places we visit in our journey of entrepreneurship. How to build a business plan, strategic planning, setting up systems and processes and the list goes on and on. There is another journey of entrepreneurship, we all want to reach it. That is SUCCESS! Who goes into business without hoping and planning for SUCCESS. Yes, all the pieces that were mentioned in the first paragraph of this article are necessary to build a successful business. However, there is a personal piece to success for your business and that is building relationships. Those relationships are not only with your employees, customers, or clients; it is relationships with colleagues, other business people and again the list goes on and on. Why is relationships key to success you may be asking? Let me explain. Everything in life begins and concludes with relationships. Do you really believe that you can build an empire as a one-person

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